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Is what I ate today OKAY?

5'2, 109-110lbs. 16

trying to tone up and be leaner, tight stomach

I usually eat 3 eggs once or twice a week.

soy chocolate milk, a muffin.

salad, ranch dressing with a piece of oatmeal bread

chocolate rice cakes.

exercise sit ups on a yoga ball, leg lifts. till i feel the burn lol.

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  • You're not eating that much, and a lot of what you are eating has a lot of sugar. So, percentage-wise, you're eating too much sugar. You need to increase your intake of healthy foods - lots of veggies, whole grains, lean protein and fruit - then, even if you continue to eat the same sugary foods, the percentage of sugar will be less.

    Here's a run down of the menu you listed:

    soy chocolate milk: sugar, protein

    muffin: grain, sugar

    salad: veggie

    ranch dressing: fat

    oatmeal bread: sugar, grain

    chocolate rice cakes: grain, sugar

    You had just one serving of vegetables, just three servings of grain, just one serving of protein, and no fruit. Four servings of sugar and one serving of fat. Very unbalanced.

    You need to incorporate veggies, grain, protein and fruit into each meal (except maybe the veggie at breakfast) and you need to snack on vegetables first, then add in other healthy foods if you're still hungry.

    If you continue eating like you describe here, you will get fat, because you're not getting enough calories or nutrition, which puts your body into starvation mode, and then every calorie you consume will be converted to fat.

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    Soy milk - OK, but not chocolate (its probably loaded with sugar).

    Muffin - BAD. Muffins, wether they have fruit or not, are just like cakes.

    Chocolate rice cakes - Bad. Full of sugar.

    Other than that, it was okay.

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    that seems okay to me lol. i think your doing great

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