softball questions for first timer?

i want to join a softball legue for the fist time. and wanted to know how it works. the fee is 375 do we pay 375 each or does each player pitch in and pay that price? do they just asssisng us to teams? do we have practices? anything else i need to know please add, use to be a slugger.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The 375 should be per team. However, you have to put the team together yourself. They do not assign you a team. Most teams just split the cost equally among the players.

    If you're by yourself get a group of at least 10 or 11 friends or co-workers to put a team together. If you can't do that just show up at your local softball complex with your gear and see if any of the teams need a player.

    Sometimes teams don't have enough bodies and will recruit out of the crowd anyone who's willing.

    And if you put in a good showing they may ask you to stay on permanently. Lastly you could check Craigslist there's sometimes teams looking for players on there.

    Good luck, softball is a good time.

    Source(s): Lots of softball games behind me.
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