Going for School physical tomorrow and only the only doctor with an opening is a woman doctor who just started?

I'm going for my HS School physical tomorrow and my regular doctor doesn't have any appointments open for 2 weeks, The only doctor with an opening is a woman doctor who just started at my regular doctors office. I am afraid that she will do a full physical which means I will have to pull down my shorts so she can check for hernia. Even though she's twice my age she is pretty with long blond hair. I'm afraid I will get an erection when I drop my shorts in front of her. It's not like I will be able to hide it either cause i'm about 9 inches hard. What will she do if i get an erection? What should I do?

I start school Wednesday and have to have my physical or I can't go to school. It's my first day of HS and I want to start the same day as everybody else.

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  • εїз
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    1 decade ago
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    If you have to drop you'r shorts, you have to drop your shorts! - simple as.

    Take this as a life lesson, in future - call your doctors in plenty of time to get an appointment with who you want, when you want! How long have you known that you'll need this done? ages I bet!

    Anyway, if you get an erection just apologize! there isn't a lot more you can do about it! Just try to be a man and not blush and go all shy! act confident, even if your dying inside! - it'll work out better!

    good luck!! xx

  • Jason
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    1 decade ago

    More than likely, you'll be just fine. The anxiety of the exam will probably help prevent that from occurring and a hernia exam is pretty quick; you won't have much time to get aroused like that before it's over and done with. Even in the worst case scenario, you'll still be fine. She's a professional. You are NOT the first guy who's ever worried about it and even moreso, you're not the first guy it's ever happened to. Female doctors know that it happens and it's something you can't control. Sure, it might be a little embarrassing but she's not going to call you out on it or make you uncomfortable about it. Believe it or not, it sometimes happens to heterosexual guys who are being examined by male doctors. It's just a reaction to physical stimulation of that area. It happens, you can't control it if it does, and no competent medical practitioner will be anything but completely professional about it.

  • 1 decade ago

    She's a doctor, she doesn't care.

    That's not to say she won't recount it to her friends/husband as a delightful work anecdote - sorry, that's the reality of it - but she won't mention you by name and will soon forget it altogether.

    Just stop psyching yourself out. You're going for a physical, to see a doctor, where the body is allowed to do its natural stuff.

    Anyway, I think you're bragging about some stuff here.

  • Ghee
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    1 decade ago

    Masturbate before you go - and think of your grandmother --- lol --

    she's a Dr. - she's seen it all - and you'll be scared anyway !!

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