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Sore on penis at 13????????

Hello, im 13, and A couple of days ago I noticed a red sore on my penis. I though maybe it would go away but it hasnt in 3 days. It doesnt hurt unless its touched. I HAVE NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE! Could it possibly be iritated. Please! Im really scared cause im thinking its Herpes or something. I am not afraid to see a doctor, so please help!! Looks like this: http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m262/nonwheezer... (NOT ACTUAL PICTURE)

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  • 4 years ago

    maximum individuals carry the virus for herpes, don't be scared. It sounds love that's a style of a herpes rash, similiar to a chilly sore. people get those each and every of the time. it is going to pass away in a pair of week. in simple terms attempt to not aggravate it too plenty, you would be high-quality, relax!

  • 1 decade ago

    It might just be acne. I would talk to your doctor about this kind of thing but you can get STD's from other things. I would just go talk to your doc. you never know and would want to be checked by a professional.

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    Looks like a pimple. It can't be anything like herpes if you haven't had sex. Pimples down there are common at your age.

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    it's just a rash, make sure u clean that area properly when you take a shower, it'll go away after a few days, i've had it before too, u just gotta keep that area clean.

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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago

    Just acne, you can apply any acne cream on this that isn't just specifically for the face only.

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