I am a virgin and my gf is a virgin.?

Is there any possible way to get a disease such as STD, AIDS, or HIV during sex? Even through Unprotected sex?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes there is a possibility, some people still count them selves as virgins even if they have had oral sex before (oral sex is still a form of sex). If she has cold sores (which are caused by oral herpes) then she could pass them onto your genitals during oral sex. She could also have hepatitis which can also be passed on when you have sex. She could have been born with hiv. You may want to get tested before you decide to have sex. If you have to have it then use condoms, you could still get her pregnant if you don't have any of those diseases.

  • 1 decade ago

    First off, aids is a condition caused by HIV.

    Second of all, even if you are both virgins, ud either one of you has ever had oral sex you could have contracted clamydia or ghonorea. You should still both get tested if either of you have given or received oral sex.

    Third of all, unprotected sex is STILL a bad idea, as you and your girlfriend probably do not want a child!

    Just be carefull and have fun! Xo

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