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ssoo...what are your flirting tips?

what are your flirting tips?

do they always come out the way you want them to?

etc etc

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    It depends on how you do it. To do it right, you might need a little help with a professional. A good read is enough. Check out and it will show you flirting tips and how to handle certain situations.

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    Well for the reason that I'm a lady, I twirl my hair and kinda crack a few love jokes. Humor is ALWAYS a well method to flirt so matters do not get bizarre. My pal advised me I am wellknown (however I do not consider her) and that boys love me. I fairly do not consider so. So fairly, cracking jokes and getting just about your bf/gf is a fairly well method to flirt. My bf and I are the couple who do bizarre stuff like sluggish movement stuff. Anything funny is a fairly well method to flirt. If you mess matters up and do a foul comic story, now that is dangerous. Also plenty of eye touch. Hope this is helping! ~Coca*** With Peace and Love

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