Fellow Christians, what you do think of this quote?

We were watching a video in Bible class today, and this man was talking about when we talk to people outside of Christianity. He was saying that when we talk to people who are atheists, gays, other religions, etc. we should talk to them because we care and not and I quote.

"Ridicule them and then begin throwing Bible verses at them. Seriously, the Bible is magical. Throwing verses out at them, and screaming hell is going to help anything. Just make it worse."

I clapped, and was amazed that finally someone said it. But the rest of my classmates were offended by what he said. What do you think?

(well, I feel bad limiting this to Christians, anyone can answer :)


Yes, the Bible is not magical lol

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    I believe he's right. People will never trust the message if they don't first trust the source.

    Yes, scripture is a powerful thing, and it's obviously necessary in order to receive salvation- at the right time. Unless we make ourselves reliable people (through loving others), our scripture-quoting is likely to damage Christ's name more than build it up.

    Your actions may be the only Bible some people ever read. Be a good read.

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    As a fellow christian, it drives me crazy when people quote Leviticus and other slightly aged thinkers as gospel. In context, Leviticus is incredibly relevant to people living around 100 AD, but not relevant to modern society. The New Testament is more like that n in that it provides an incredibly relevant, yet overarching message that is still relevant today. What I'll never understand is, when one of the most famous lessons was to turn the other cheek, people use christianity to justify some of the most violent acts of mankind (Crusades anyone?; or how about the indoctrination of Indians? (note to St. Paul- Use a gun; it's all the rage right now)). Lead by example; nuff said.

    As for your quote, it might be a good Idea to think of why your classmates felt offended by that quote. Could it be that they don't like being stereotyped as someone who would do the things in the quotation? Ironically enough, it would benefit everyone immensely if we all tried to see thing from other points of view, like homosexuals wanting to be openly homosexual (it's not like us heterosexuals hide our heterosexuality).

    The bible is wonderful (though magical is the wrong connotation) inspiration for one's life, though it needs to be looked at as a series of lessons to be learned, not a bunch of rules to be followed. to understand that is to truly be a christian, and that is what truly sets us apart from other religions.

    PS This is what I believe and I can provide no answer to whether it is true or false, but then that is the definition of belief. (I'm only in high school, so my guess is that my beliefs will change at least a little before I die).

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    Since there was once touch among the Arabian Peninsula and the Christian territories of the Levant for the period of the centuries earlier than the emergence of Islam it's no shock that the lessons of Jesus are echoed in the ones of Muhammed. Nestorians, Ebionites, Copts as good as mainstream Christians who could later be known as Catholic or Orthodox adopted the buying and selling routes into the field and made a few converts to religion in Christ. However due to the fact such a lot of the sort of the missionaries was once city founded and the field didn't have gigantic vast towns the hassle was once scattered and undocumented. Muhammed had picked up a few smattering of Christian instructing from his profession as a dealer even though customarily of the unorthodox variety. His expertise of Christian Faith could be repudiated in Islam particularly concerning the identification of Jesus. However so much of what we've got of Jesus' phrases are real and powerful in any tradition or time. No doubt due to the fact they made feel to him Muhammed might undertake them into the progress of Islam. I feel the parallels furnish a establishing factor for interfaith discussion.

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    Look at the example of Jesus. How did he preach to people? He was mild tempered and loving. He had winsome words. Humble people were attracted to his demeanor and the way he spoke to them. His use of illustrations was phenomenal. The only people he ridiculed were the hypocrites of his day. He showed them out to be what they really were and they hated him. Jesus showed real care and loving concern to the people he spoke to so as to reach their hearts. The bible is not magical but a person could really be cut to the bone when reading some of the verses in it. It shows us who we really are. And hopefully it will move us to do something about it.

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    Im not a Christian, Im an atheist, but I thought Id put my opinion in here to spice things up a little ;D

    Personally, no I dont believe in God, but I like talking about religion and having little debates on it. I think its pretty cool when I can question every aspect of someones faith right to their face (not in a rude way) and they can answer it every time, calm as anything. It really shows how passionate they are about their God and it makes me think about it. Like if someone is that confident in their faith, then maybe their right about it. And even though no one has officially succeeded in converting me, I have a hell of alot of respect for those kind of people.

    That man is absolutely right. The minute someone starts shoving their bible down my throat or telling me Ill go to hell, I dont want to talk anymore. Because honestly, I dont believe in the things written in that bible, so why would it change my opinion at all just reading them out to me? To me, it says they dont understand their own religion enough to 'put it in their own words' I guess. I have no time for people who cant think for themselves. I want to talk to people who have their own thoughts and opinions on their religion, not someone who just blindly follows a book because its called the bible.

    Im sure any Christian would be offended if I started going on that I thought God doesnt exist and their stupid for believing it (I dont feel like that, btw) and then started shouting out scientific facts to prove it. Well, believe it or not, atheists feel the same way when you start yelling at us were going to go to hell. Its offensive and just plain annoying.

    So thank you for being open minded and being able to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to have the same beliefs as you. I wish the rest of your class felt that way.


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    He's right in the sense that you win ppl by love, not condemnation. This does not take away from the fact that sin is sin no matter which way you slice it. The bottom line is that you need to be lead of the Spirit every time when it comes to witnessing to someone. You don't just go out and confront people on the street with the gospel and expect them to want to serve God. The Spirit knows exactly what that person needs to hear and if your sensitive to the Spirit you'll say what He wants. People try to make serving God out including witnessing to be some formula that works the same for everyone. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Follow God, don't speak unless He prompts you to speak and when He does, let Him speak through you.

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    I think it's a great way to go about your life. Only when you are invited to discuss your belief should you then go on to teach as best you can. Anything else is not welcome by most non-christians. You need only plant the seed, when you befriend a non-christian, something will come up that will open the subject and start a discussion, be patient, it never fails. You are not the converter, leave that to God. God will nourish the seed you plant. Why would you want to push away a possible lifetime friend by spewing verses needlessly, it would just upset them.

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    Some people take up the offense of Jesus a little too seriously..

    The truth is that Jesus doesn't need us to defend him..

    Some christians just become a little over-zealous and fail to realize they don't have a heaven or a hell to put somone in and that their job is simply to present the truth of God's word in a spirit of love.

    Eventually as they grow spiritually they will hopefully learn to settle down a little and let God do the work that only he can do.

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    On point, 110%. Using quotes of the Bible to attack someone that doesn't even believe in the book will not bring them to Christ. They need to be reached on a human to human level. Christ's message is one of love, not ridicule.

    If you change a man against his will, he is of the same opinion still.

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    It is good to make known to people that you are a Christ follower but the bible says not to yoke yourself with unbelievers. It also says do everything in love and without love we have nothing. Just let the spirit lead you when you meet new people, that is what I do and it works.


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