help with the boyfriend.....?

in less then 4 months we will both turn 18 then a few days after is our 1 year and we want to do something alone...

what can we do???

we have done just bout everything but sleep all night in the same bed.. we have slept together but just for a few hours

what could we do????



we dont have lots of money

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well it all depends on your bondries.

    Are you guys talking about sex? it all depends on what your talking about. To be completely honest with you... this is my opinion... you can think about it, take it, and use it or you can leave it the way it is. I would TOTALLY wait for sex till after your married because I've lost my virginity with my boyfriend. Were both 17 and we wished we had waited. Because the guilt of it is horrible and being sooo freaking scared of pregnancy is TERRIBLE. now if you were married you wouldn't have to worry about those things. and sex would be SOOOOO much more exciting and fun!!! :D

    It's really a gift you give to your husband on your wedding night and a true way to express love and sacrifice.

    If I were you just keep it the way you are and be satisfied with where your at! :)

    You'll have an amazing marriage together if you save it all!

    But if this isn't the kind of advice then I'm very sorry for wasting your time lol...

    all I can say is if you guys do have sex please be safe cause its better than being sorry in the end.

    some things to do...

    watch movies together.

    play games

    see who can yell the loudest

    go driving and sing songs together.

    bake cookies at 3 in the morning

    see who can kiss eachother the most

    have a picnic in the dinning room

    make a collage of your favorite things together

    look at the stars at night (great place to cuddle... Grasss)

    idk i cant think of any other random things I'm tired hahaa...

    God bless you both!!!


    Source(s): my opinion... :) ♥
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    celebrate your 18th birthday alone by doing something very romantic like going overseas and go to a beautiful hotel and then you can sleep together in the same bed lol

  • 1 decade ago

    how about sleep the whole night! ... go on a road trip and rent a hotel and spend the night!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hmmm present

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