how can i get a job at 15? where?

i am in desperate need of a job.i am only 15 but im very dedicated to work.ive been always wanting to have a job when i was younger but never could get a job because of my age and experience.i really do need the money for my mom so i can help my mom pay some bills and to help get the things we need.ive been trying to apply at jack in the box and some fast food places around my neighborhood but i just cant seem to get a job.many of my friends have jobs around like babysitting or pet sitting but i live in apartment complex and there are so many kids here so i put up a sign for babysitting.but unfortunately,there is a daycare center in my own complex which sucks because then they would be like, "well why would we need her?" kind of thing.but i figured i could charge less than what they do.

i need help on the best places to get a job at my age and the proper way to do it.i dont want to sound desperate but i dont want to sound too good for it.i just need a simple job to get myself and my family things we is starting very soon and i need school supplies and school clothes...i dont even have my own pair of shoes! all i have for now is a pair of flip flops...i dont even know how i can survive in the winter mom is doing the best she can and trying to find help.but for now,i am trying my best too to find a job for me.i feel so bad for my family and for my mom especially.

so please give me the best advice as possible because i do need a one is hiring though so its really tough... ://

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    i got a job working at The Goodwill when i was 15. See if you have a Goodwill or Salvation Army near you, Otherwise it will be very hard, do you have any friends? can you borrow a couple items of clothing? explain your situation to them. just stay strong, GL

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    dude im only 13 and i got a job try working at a grocery store thats where i work i get $300 a week and in cash not check just find a local grocery store and ask if u can get a job stacking drinks and turning labels and filling up missing stuff DO NOT Forget TO MENTION THIS THELL THINK U WANNA WORK BEHIND COUNTER UR TO YOUNG TO SELL BEER

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