What is a good place to find "Used Cars For Sale" around Carigara, Leyte, Philippines?

I want to buy a car for my fiance's family in Carigara..but the websites don't seem to have many cars for sale..so I have been looking at other cities not to far..Does anyone know a good website or a better city to look in that has alot of cars for sale and is not too far away from Carigara?

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago
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    The best internet web site is tsikot.yehey.com or 1800-philippines-cars.com. However most of the cars will be from metro Manila. Problem is that there are not that many cars in Leyte. You might check the dealers in Tacloban. If that doesn't work then Cebu is the next big city. If you ever go to Manila there are lots of cars for sale there.

  • ayoub
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    4 years ago

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