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Your honest thoughts please :( im so depressed?

So i met this guy like 4 months ago it we hit it off really well it was like love at first sight. We balanced eachother out like he would say. He is 32 and im 21 we fell deeply in love eachother we got engaged but with are busy schedule its hard for us to see eachother alot but we would seee eachother but lately we havent had time and whenever we tryed to meet it never happened...its like soemthing didnt want us to see eachother anymore so arguements came and he called me slut hoe ***** whore ect any name u can think of in other words it ended bad we felt so strong for eachother but we drifted away but now its like he feels hate towards me we barely talk and when we do he insults me i try moving on but i cant i just cant idk why. what should i do? i dont even know anymore? is it even worth trying to see him or speak with him when he ignores me?


i cant just move on. i wish i could. but im in love with him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Right now you just need to concentrate on yourself, because you won't ever be able to move on in tell you have closure, but in tell then life must go on and when that time comes for you to get that closure you want to be ready for it give it time. Go on with your life for now and when the time is right for you to find closure it will happen. Faith. Everything happens for a reason. For what ever reason you weren't suppose to marry him but you know your still young you still have a big adventure ahead of you don't let this battle stop that amazing adventure because life is to precious to waste.

    I know its tough just to move on, but some way some how you will get there, start doing things you use to do. Do things you love get out there try new things! Its amazing what you can do and find the people you see when your out and about.

    like for instance me and my boyfriend of 4 years (btw hes my first ever bf) told each other we werent going to speak to each other anymore (people change, we changed in those 4 years but still deeply care for each we just aren't sure if we are right for each other) Well today I called a friend and told him lets hang out i skipped school and everything just to collect some thoughts i read a book a little and cried (not to mention i was at barns and nobles crying like a baby so i had to leave) but my friend was like okay lets go downtown and i dont go down town often so it was a treat! :) ahhh i loved it i saw a bunch of new things today that i never knew existed! So take all the time you need but sooner or later you have to get out!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Move girl should be call those names that this guy told you...he really wanted to hurt you emotionally so just leave him. Since there was a big age difference, I would advice you to meet guys your own age...a guy that age might be jealous of all the younger guys looking at you since you are still young. Just socialize and find another guy that will treat you better.

  • 1 decade ago

    girl please you have got to go the name calling he calls is not cool we women cant tolerate that cause if we allow it trust and believe it will happen over and over again it seems like its not meant to be cause if it was meant u would be together...and he is not even trying if hes igging will take some time to move on but i belive its best to find this out now instead of when u were married hang in there you are much to preety to settle for less... just let things be leave him alone

  • 1 decade ago

    That guy's a jerk. The only thing you can do is move on. He doesn't deserve someone as good and beautiful as you. Just shove him out of your life, that's what he deserves :)


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