anybody know anything about seizures?

how have you treated your seizures? do you find that avoiding certain activities or taking up certain activities, or eating or abstaining from certain kinds of foods/medicines/etc helps or hinders your seizures? what about natural remedies - do you know of any? my girlfriend has them, and i just wanted to educate myself on them a little bit. thanks!

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    Well it all depends on what causes the seizures, but if she does go into a seizure, move anything that would be able to hurt her, cushion her head with a shirt, pillow, etc. Then wait til' her seizure has finished, then either seek medical attention, give her her medication, etc.

    good luck!~

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    Our 10 lb. shih-tzu has those assaults the place she ll start to stroll humorous, she ll keel over on her element and her legs start up pumping, she tilts her head at an peculiar attitude and shall we out a scream or quite a few shrieks which would be heard blocks away, then she the two loses awareness or appears like she has. After 30-60 seconds she would be waiting to start up coming to. often times she ll get up in a pair minutes and different circumstances it ought to take 10-15 minutes to get her up. She seems dazed for a mutually as after that. This has handed off each and every quite a few months, yet final week handed off two times one morning and then back 2 days later. often yet not constantly quickly after she wakes up interior the morning. This final week the vet positioned her on 15 mg phenobarbitol two times an afternoon and after 2 doses she ought to somewhat walk, couldn t face as much as consume or drink (we had to hold her up and spoon feed her), and he or she is a entire zombie. We decreased her meds then stopped altogether, hoping the seizures gained t proceed as oftentimes. nevertheless attempting to discern this out. She is approximately 11 years previous and we ve had her 3 a million/2 years (look after rescue dogs -- no historic past properly-known).

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    well my sister has them if she doesnt eat and her sugar drops low, or if she sweats a lot (like she cant play basketball, mow the yard, etc).

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