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Ingrown toenail removal surgery?

I have an ingrown nail on my big toe it is extremely swollen on the side and just a slight touch almost makes me shed tears. It is infected I believe.

I keep boiling it out with peroxide and stuff.

I am going to call to get it removed by a doctor but I'm a little worried about the operating. What is the procedure. Does it hurt? I'm terribly afraid of needles. I freak out just getting blood taken from my finger. Does the needle hurt. Can I ask to be put to sleep before they put the anaesthetic in? Also do they take out the whole nail?

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    They are not going to remove the nail if you currently have infection there. No, they are not going to put your whole body to sleep for an ingrown toenail. They will give you several injections in the toe and nail bed to deaden any sensation. Yes the initial needles hurt. The gain is that you won't get an ingrown toenail anymore. two of my kids have had this done. One had half of the toenail removed from ip to nail bed. The other had the entire nail removed.

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    it is a simple, clinical procedure performed by a podiatrist. a small gauge needle is used to numb the toe, usually with lidocaine. when your numb, DR lifts nail from nail bed and cuts off ingrown part.

    feet are yucky, dirty places. stop putting peroxide on it. that just dries it out, needlessly. if infection is bad, DR will write prescription. wear or bring loose fitting shoes or sandals. bring a friend!! no need to put you to sleep. procedure lasts less then 5 minutes. you should be able to keep the nail. hope this helps

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    It will hurt if you dont get stick by the needle to numb you!

    Live with the needle, once the needle is out you go numb and he can use a knife to remove the nail...

    YOU CAN request to be put to sleep before they give you the needle to numb you, but 99% sure your doctor will say no.

    It costs ALOT to put under, AND there is a risk of never waking up.

    Its best just to live with the brief 5sec needle stick...which really doesnt even hurt, it just feels weird...

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