why does it seem everyone hate the movie "stay", i love it. what do you think?

the one with ryan gossling ewan mcgregor and naomi watts

why does evreyone hate this movie

its my favorite, ive watched it several times within about a week or 2

its deep, and artistic. it doesnt give you the answer you have look and think very deeply

i thought it was a beautiful work of art.

but i read the review and got peoples opinions and everyone thought it was terrible or confusing

what do you think of the movie? do you think they dont like it cause there not trying hard enough to get it and not being open minded or what?

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    I saw it when it first came out then I rented it a month ago, and I really enjoyed it both times. I agree with your take on it. Many people, I think, didnt like the abstractness of it, and like you said, it makes ya think-something a lot of people dont like to do(during a movie or in life). This was the issue with "The Fountain,"again a great abstract film, but many didnt like it. All I can say is at least there are two people with higher intellects out there(only slightly higher in my case,jk).

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