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Help on my red eye problem?


My eye has been acting up lately, I don't know if its just the season change, or just the humidity where I live, but my eye does feel dry, but every time I take my contacts out ( I only wear when I go somewhere which isn't often) my eyes are red, well when they are in for a bit they turn red, blood vessels and a red wall, I put allergy eye drops in and seems to sooth it a bit and it does clear up a bit, but is this a problem? I hope I at least just have allergies, I hope im not turning blind, I am not having trouble seeing or anything, I still want to wear contacts, another solution was maybe ever since I changed contact solution my eye started turning red, maybe I am allergic to the solution? any ideas or help?


I think it could be eye strain? cause I am in front of the computer almost all day.Anyone please answer?

Update 2:

Last night my eye was in pain, but it felt dry, I woke up and it still somewhat hurt but a allergy drop in, soothed it and its feeling good right now the eye turned a bit pink now like its clearing,but seriously how come nobody could answer this post? and help?

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    Yes, being in front of the computer puts constant stress on your eyes for long periods of time. I have normal eye sight, but after an hour on the computer, I become near-sighted and my eyes get dry and irritated. It takes a good night's sleep for my eyes to get back to normal. Being on the computer is almost like having a staring contest for an hour.

    Also, I suspect that if the computer screen isn't doing it, your solution may be irritating your eyes. I suggest going to an eye doctor and asking him what he thinks might be going on with your contacts, and getting tested for allergies.

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    Don't use synthetic tears for purple eye, the ones are quite unhealthy for the superficial veins within the eye. Get to an Optometrist they usually will have to provide you a prescription for anything to transparent that up.

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