After seeing what happened on Raw tonight how would you book the main event for Raw next week?

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    Cena and DX vs Legacy...

  • klink
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    4 years ago

    this previous monday eric bishoff became the gm for the night. He made some loopy suits. He made umaga combat maria. The tag group identify became on the line in a tournament witched incorporate area and randy orton vs. the character boy and rowdy roddy piper. DX got here out the help them. Carltio vs. Shelton Benjamin. there became additionally an womens identify tournament. Mickie James vs Lita. yet lita made her tie a hand at the back of her decrease back. Jerry the King Lawler vs. the masterpierce.

  • 1 decade ago

    DX and John Cena vs Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase in a handicap match. Special guest ref Cody Rhodes.


    Legacy face each other in a triple threat match. It will be every man for himself. Why a triple threat? After Dusty was rko'd and cody was on the edge of punching Randy, If Ted was on Randy's side he could have nailed Cody from behind. It seems that it was unclear who ted was supporting.


    Dusty and Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase. Considering that Ted is siding with Randy

  • Chris Jericho vs MVP

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  • 1 decade ago

    its not going to be a six man tag match that is their dark matches pretty much every ppv up to breaking point. i think maybe hhh is out due to the boot to the head so its cena and michaels vs rhodes and orton maybe rhodes turns on orton

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just the regular Cena &nd DX VS. Randy Orton &nd his two puppets match is boring !

    Cena &nd DX vs. Legacy wait for it ... in these matches .

    The following matches would include .

    - Parking Lot Brawl .

    - Lumber Jack .

    - Hell in a Cell, Lumber Jack [meaning if they go outside the cage, then they have to be thrown back in ! ]

    - Hard Ten Match [ Used in TNA, but I like it so much, I'd use it in WWE ]

    - TLC match !

    - Cage of Death .

    - Elmination Chamber Tag Match .

    All Tag matches .

    Source(s): Jannine.
  • 1 decade ago

    shawn michaels with john cena and triple h vs randy orton with ted debiase and cody rhodes in a singles match.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Orton vs Bob Barker ****First Punt Match****

  • I smell a six-man tag match!!!

  • definitely something with Cena

    that was messed up how they ambushed him!

    i can't wait to see it

    i hope legacy get's an a s s whopping

    or even better

    ted and cody stop acting like babies and go after randy

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