after becoming a navy seal, how much money can i make working private security?

i plan on being a navy seal, after which i am interested into how much money these private security guys pay ex spec op guys, like navy seals, which i plan on being. I would like to make some money before i go and build a life and career as a police officer for the NYPD which i plan on doing.

But where is the big money at after leaving spec ops, what options do these guys have????

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    There are always people in life that say you can't do this and you can't do that. Most people don't make it to become a Navy Seal, if you can do that, you can do about anything.

    What I suggest for life preparation are the following things to study:

    Geometry the Easy Way by Barrons, complete this book and you will be able to think logicially to solve police cases, to defend your clients in court, and to defend your self in court.

    It helps you detect lies by uncovering faults in the logic of the story they are trying to sell you.

    The chapter of Proverbs in the Bible, the Good News bible is written in easy to understand English. It tells you how to live your life and get along with others and avoid trouble. Just avoiding trouble is worth reading it.

    Read the : Art of War

    Study a foreign language, make it a life long hobby. It is cheap to do and enriches your life, and makes you more valuable as a team member.

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    To become an NYPD you don't have to go thru the SEALs. You can be a cook in the military and you still will qualify. I will be honest with you, the more physically demanding the job in the military, the less you will get paid in the private sector. It's all about brain and not brawn, remember that.

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    first things first buddy you do not plan on being a NAVY SEAL. when you sign up, you are what determines whether you have what it takes to be in the navy or not. secondly why the hell should you even care monetary value after your 6 or so many yrs u choose contract! third and foremost,its not about what fing job you pursue when you have completed your contracted yrs, its about the commitment and honor that you have put your time and effort into on becoming the best you can be! by the sounds of it i would assume you are just merely a child turning 18 not sure what the want to pursue with the rest of their lives!

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    Working for DOD you will make 14 dollars an hour. ( GS 5 )

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    you are not going to be making more than 50-80k a year.

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