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my garbage disoposal is broken?

ok, I posted this last night. I had a couple of good answers. This is where I am at at the moment.

I looked underneath the sink. I saw that the red breaker button below the badger 5 disposal was popped out. I pressed it in and the disposal went on. It did not make a grinding sound, however. But nor did I put anything in the disposal such as food or even running water to try out the disposal. I probably should have done that.

I attempted to turn the disposal off by switching the on/off switch on the wall but it had no effect and the disposal stayed on for about 5 minutes until it clicked off and the breaker button below the unit popped out again.

I cannot get to the outlet where the disposal plugs in behind the sink. Is it time to call a repairman? Or is there something else I should do please?

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    You probably have something jamming the grinding blades. The Badger 5 has on the bottom, a place for the manual rotation tool. I believe that a 5/16" allen wrench will work also if you can't find the tool that came with the disposal. Insert the tool and rotate the motor backwards and forwards with the wall switch OFF. Press the reset button back in and try it again. It should work.

    Source(s): Maintenance Manager for apartment complex
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    If you can reach the disposal outlet, change the plug to the other outlet hole. It might be plugged into the non-switched side. If that is the same, the switch is bad. If you don't want to change the wall switch, call an electrician or repairman. And do make sure that whenever the disposal is running the water is flowing into it. The disposal is designed to run for short periods only. The five minute run will heat up the motor and trip the safety breaker (red button)

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    If you are not inclined to do type of work it is time to call the repairman. Also you should never run the disposal with at least having the water running. I think that your on- off switch is shot. Ot

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    I would start with replacing the switch, sounds like it may be defective. If you tried to turn off the disposal & got no responce I would suspect the switch is your problem. Hope this helps, besides a switch is only a couple of dollars.!!!

    Source(s): This was a problem I had before.
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    If the switch won't turn it OFF replace the switch.

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    Sounds like repair man time.

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