do you know this song?

okay so my friend auston gave me a cd with a bunch of bands on it.. he gave me it along time ago.. probally like my sophomore year highschool and im now a sophomore in college lol and this one song i like is on it.. but i dont know who sings it... can anyone tell me?

go to this page.

and heres my guess on what the singer is saying..

"heavy lines burned black.. it colored my eyes to 8 shades of your lies and i remember every word that you said to me.. still chasing your ghost..."

and heres another lyric from the song.

"and i forgot the way that you taste and i forgot the way that you feel...

the worst part is that i know i wont be that one..."

so if you know that song tell me.. i'd appreciate it and it would really mean alot to me =)


on the part where i put, "and i remember every word that you said to me" i know it sounds more like he's saying "breath" than "word"

but that doesnt make sense.. lol

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    go to leo' or google and type in leo's lyrics you can type in the song name, artist, or just parts of the song, and you can choose from mixed words or a part of the song and it'll help you by narrowing down the songs with those words in it. that's where i go. maybe it'll help you out

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