are family and group cell phone plans cheaper than individual?

or doesn't it matter that much. thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Really, it all depends on your needs and what your carrier offers.

    My family of four has unlimited web, email, texting and sharing of 1500 minutes and I think it's worth the $140 a month I pay. That averages to $35 per user. I pay for the package plan for my phone, and my husband's is a "free" 2nd phone on the plan. Then there's each of my sons for $20 each on top of that. We all have souped up phones that do web and email, photos and video, etc. so it works out.

    If all you need is the basics then you obviously don't need all that. BUT generally speaking, adding someone to your plan is a better deal than getting two separate plans.

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    properly, i'm not sure precisely, yet i know you will get family plans online and the telephones would be super low priced. Then the bill in basic terms relies upon on what number minutes you elect a month, text textile ect. We did that, and our telephones are from T-cellular

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