I asked a guy if he is a cheater and never heard a response back--does this mean he is a cheater?

After our 4th date I emailed this guy saying that I really feel he is seriously involved, and if he is, I told him not to contact me again. I haven't heard back from him. I think that is a sure sign he is a cheater. It was really apparent after our 4th date that he is a cheater. He did seem to really like me, but the red flags were there. I haven't stalked him or anything and he hasn't chased after me either. Yes, he does check his emails. Thanks.

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    Do you think he's going to respond and say "Yep...you got me! I really AM a cheater. I won't contact you anymore!" ????

    You told him not to contact you if he was a cheater. He hasn't contacted you! What do YOU THINK!?!!??!?!

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    This may not answer your question. It seems your question is rhetorical. Any way there are a couple three things i need to share. It seems you are off the bat very accusatory person, you seem to be a judge , jury and executioner.hey before the poor bloke had a chance to vindicate himself he was tagged. How could you be so judgemental? It is quote embarrassing to let your insecurities lure you into projecting your fears, suspicions, and distrusts to others.

    Ordinarily a girl friend gets word through the grape vine, or sees first hand or eves drop on telephone conversations or sneak-idly read an unauthorized email in which language gives them a clue. Most intercepts are the basic of recrimination. The the question or inquisition follows and then the accusation. But u jump to the head of the line actually accusing the poor bloke of being a player.

    I am somewhat miffed, at your surprised appraisal of his avoiding u. Love I cannot stand confrontation. I would hide and go out of my way to steer clear of hostilities. If someone asked me if i was a dishonorable man and wished for an honest opinion from me, I would disappear and never to be heard of again. I would do this not because I am guilty but because a person thinks so little of my character to accuse me that I would rather not have to deal with the disrespect of her question but more offending is that if I honored her request for an answer I would have elevated her low esteem of me whereby legitimizing a totally shameful assault on my character.

    You issued an ultimatum: if you are involve don't contact me. u should be a little more diplomatic less confrontational. Asking the question exposed your poor opinion of him. It became a fact so apparent he immediately becomes suspect. It is like asking a negative question. Okay here is an example. "Did you beat your wife today?" it does not matter how you answer the question the results re the same. If you say no the the answer implies you did the day before but not today. i you say yes then you are a wife beater. You Cannot go around accusing people of your fears and labeling them in accordance with your fears.

    Improve on your judgmental attitude. Be more open minded, see people for whom they are not for what you fear they might become. Red flags are planted by u until you have ascertained accurately what his position is it is unladylike to be so abrupt. " Don't call me". it is something u should think but not expected to write. cheater Wow, you have reservations.

    Michael Jackson has a song " I am starting with the man in the mirror" it is a good place for u to re assess. It may be fun. Who knows you may be able to win friends and influence people.

    Good luck love

    Until next time

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    Well asking a question like that throws up a red flag for guys, it shows that u may have trust issues and have low self-esteem. But to answer ur question, if he's shown u signs that he may be the cheating type just trust ur instinct and don't bother with him.

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    first off never ask a guy if he is a cheater he most likely wont tell you the truth or he will lie about it. He could be one.

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    U cannot conclude him as a cheater bcoz he didn't say anythng.....

    He may b a cheater......N may b u asked him to leave u n he jst did dat thing.....Ur calling him a cheater may hv hurted him dat is why he din't turn arnd........

    Bt I wud jst lyk 2 dat listen to ur heart......Do watevr it says.....Aftrall its ur life n u only hv 2 live it......

    V cn jst give the suggestions n the final decision is yours n only yours......

    GOOD LUCK.....

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    i would say yes, i mean, who doesn't answer a question like that? he obviously is. he let the truth by not saying anything! sorry. :(

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    More then likely he is. Dont let him play you

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    well yeah, if he's been avoiding you, then that means that he's probably bad news.

    i'd get away from this jerk, pronto!

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    yes, this is what it means

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