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Working out during hockey season?

Should I do it? After workouts I get sore for practices and games so I don't play as well but I need to gain size. The swedish coaches said to do so when I went to Sweden for hockey but a lot of U.S. coaches say no. IK the pros workout during the season and it doesn't effect them. Should I lift weights during my hockey season?

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    I'm working out during the season but since i worked out during off season im fine. but since you probably just started your muscles aren't use to the weights and stuff like that so once you've been doing it for a week or so you'll muscles will not be sore. man your season starts early

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    our team trains hard all year around until it comes time for hockey season. the offseason is key for gaining muscle so do what u would normally do for the offseason. during the season, we mix up our routines a lot and we decrease the weight a lot. you dont want to lose strength but u dont want to over train. good luck

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  • Do whatever feels the most comfortable for you. If lifting weights affects your play and how you feel, I would suggest not doing it. But if you really want to, maybe you should start out on light weights and slowly, gradually work your way up to heavier ones.

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    Yes you should. Use light weights with high reps. Do not lose flexibility - go to hot yoga.

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