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Will I get in trouble?!?!? PLEASE HELP!?

I know I already asked this but I need to add onto it...

I'm freaking out because my friend told me ONLINE (he's under 18) that he is on probation and went to prison and did all this bad stuff and has to be home before 8pm because of all the bad stuff he's done. He told me not to tell anyone because it's a "violation" and has only told me and one other person. Will I get in trouble for knowing? I am not going to tell anyone what happened, but will I get in trouble?

Please and thank you. 10 points to best answer.

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    I don't know how serious his violations were, but there is no way you could get in trouble just because he told you. HE might get in trouble for having told you, but you never signed any non-disclosure papers or entered into an agreement with law officials.

    There is also the possibility that he is scamming you. Like, maybe he's got another girl, or something else going on and this keeps you from questioning his availability.

    Sounds like someone you need to stay away from either way.

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    It couldn't have been to big of a deal if he disclosed that kind of info. on the internet. One basic rule is you don't tell an important secret on the internet, unless you don't care if people find out. You may want to actually question the validity of his statements rather than worry about getting in trouble about what he says. Also, you may want to avoid a person who COULD be able to get you in trouble just by telling you their mistakes. That seems like exactly the type of person you don't want to associate with. Lastly, criminal offenses are public information. At worst, it would just be gossip.

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    Yes! you will get in trouble for knowing dont tell anyone that you know because if they know that you know then everybody will know that you know . And then when they find out that you knew then they will say she always knew he told her and know they will know so dont tell.

    Mr. Spock.

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    he may do anything but u shud in the first place only resort to keeping yourself away from that person. cos who knws he/she may repeat "that bad thing" again. and you be linked to it. as for knowing, you must be honest when asked and speak the truth, the cosat is clear for you. as you u've not involved yourself in any crime

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