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ok so i have this problem..?

i don't know if you would call it a real problem but i have never been in a real relationship before. i don't like many guys and when i do, they usually turn out to be assholes or they break my heart and it sucks.

but i'm not one who can jump from one guy to another so sometimes i like attention from people who i can't have. because i want them a little, but don't really want them - i just like the attention. like older guys that i used to work with even if they have girlfriends will talk to me in a certain way. and i write back because i like the attention.

how do i deal with this so called problem :)

please and thank you to all suggestions, please dont be mean. :)

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    i think you answered your own question. for whatever reason, you don't want to be in a relationship right now, so instead of talking to random guys who might end up thinking you like them or are leading them on, you talk to guys who are already in relationships because you don't need to put the time and effort into making the relationship be there, last or work, because if most guys find you attractive, they will talk to you and most likely want the attention too. i don't think what you are doing is wrong but just know the line that could be crossed. sometimes attention is good coming from someone who you know is already committed or someone older than you because it makes you feel wanted and special and good about yourself. and same for them, it makes them feel wanted and special because a younger girl likes them. i don't think this has as much to do with being single or being in a relationship as it does you wanting something you can't have because you get bored with what you have or don't have but don't really feel like making a change. this could be laziness on your part or waiting for someone else to come along or waiting for someone to come around but whatever the reason it, you feel lonely and want to have some fun so you make small talk to make you feel better.

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