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Never had a boyfriend, am I socially behind?

im turnin 17 in less than three months. ima senior. im azn, 5' 2", thick. chinky eyes, sweet smile. i like to dance, orchestra, act, sing, and work. ive had flirts and kissed a few times, but ive never had a boyfriend. are there reasons why guys wouldnt want date some girls? because i feel its hard to find guys my age that are real, gentlemen, and genuine. but is it just me? am i fooling myself and left behind the social ways now?


btw ive emotionally never had my first kiss

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    haha you sound like me! but i'm 16, a junior and never had a kiss or a boyfriend. i don't think there's anything wrong with us. we just respect ourselves and feel that the guys that we have at our school aren't the kidns we should be dating and we're smart enough to know that, so we're actually ahead in social ways.

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    i dont find it weird im a senior and kinda just got my first real gf who is like u but not azn

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    don't worry. you will find someone. i never had a boyfriend in high school and you really don't want one.

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