How do you forget some one that you loved for a very long time since you will never see her again?

i have her facebook and myspace but i dont wanna delete her, i spend most of my time just thinking of her, i cant stop thinking of her, when i am at school, work and even when i sleep, she is always in my head

please give some advices.

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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago
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    You need to get out and meet new people. Right now you are your own worst enemy when it comes to this. You don't have to delete her face bookk and my space, but you don't have to torture yourself by looking at it all the time, either. Surely there is some girl at school that you may be interested in knowing, but you have to get this past in perspective, then put your best foot forward.

  • I don't think you ever forget them, the people who come into your life that you love. They are a piece of you, or a piece of them, that you always will have. It's like the smell of autumn, the rustle of the fallen leaves as you walk through them on a cool fall day. That breath of winter, when you hear the crack of the tree limbs and everything sparkles as the sun rises in the morning. The smell of the evening primrose in summer, the first snow drop flower that pokes up in the garden, right through the last bit of winters snow, when you truly see winters over and spring has come. Life carries on, the pain gets less and you meet more people that have an effect on you and who you are. You will always have your memories, and you should never give up your hope, cause life has a funny way of just being lived when you don't ever realize your living it.

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    I guess first i'd have to know why you're never going to see her again? did she pass away, move away? or you're choosing to not see her anymore? in any of those situations, i don't think you should ever forget someone you've loved, the only thing you can do is move on and try to be happy! go out and do something, whether its a walk, or even to the library, for lack of a better place (i don't know your age, so i can't suggest some other things!) but i can tell you, you'll never give someone else a chance if you keep her CONSTANTLY on your mind, open your heart and make room for someone else. sorry to sound corny. i guess i'm having a girly day, haha.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you won't see her again because she has passed, then don't forget her but try to only remember the best times with her. Then at least your memories will make you smile.

    If, however, she has just moved out of your life, then you should pretend she is dead, remove all things that remind you of her from your life and when you go to think about her, say to yourself, "no point thinking about that, she is dead". I know this seems harsh but, believe me, it works.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey...moving on doesn't mean forgetting, you're gonna always remember her, but she would want you to move on too.

    it just proves that you love her so much to move on.

    time will heal...

    your question hurts me. =/

    ive thought about this many times..i would do the same.

    but i would want an advice like what i wrote to you..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are so sweet. Marry me please!

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