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reebok 8k helmet colors?

i was wondering if any one knew if the silver parts on the rbk 8k helmets can be taken out to put in a different color

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    The best way of getting a different color would be to buy one. Most hockey stores only will stock them in black and silver carbon fiber (the 'silver parts'), but some specialty stores (here in Canada; Hockey Experts, Pro Hockey Life) will carry them with red, blue, green, purple, all kinds of colors. If you already have the helmet, then sharpie does work well. My men's league team wears red jerseys, and a couple teammates took a red sharpie to the carbon fiber and it looks pretty good. They have to touch it up every once in a while because it smudges and fades, but its cheaper than another 200 bucks for a new helmet.

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    Two Sharpie.

  • 1 decade ago

    no black sharpie will look dusty as hell take them out and put any color duct tape you want over them

  • 1 decade ago

    use electrical tape to black them out. that will look sick.

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