My sister tries to act like my mom, (and also acts like my annoying auntie...)?

so today i was letting my friend use my phone to call her mom to pick her up. i was talking to my cousin at school while she was using my phone then i realized my dad was there, so i ran to the car. later on i realized my phone wasnt with me at home. so i just figured ill get it tmmrow. then my mom got mad at me, nd outta nowhere my sister starts screaming at me nd calling me stupid nd irresponsible! she always bosses me around. shes been asking me for stupid favors more then she really does ever since my auntie has been doing it. its stupid, nd my MOM doesnt even do tht.she acts like she cares, but 'helping' to her, is yell at me, slap me around a few times, then walk away while calling me stupid... shes fourteen nd im eleven. once i got so mad i told her to stop bossing me around nd get her own kid. unfortunately she didnt hear me...

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  • Angela
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Its just wat older sisters do, it sucks but thats what you gotta deal with. i have an older brother who is 19 and a sister who is 17, im 16. And all they ever did was tell me how stupid i was or i was trying to get attention doing certain things. It doesnt stop, but stand ur ground, tell her no when she asks u to do somthing.

  • 1 decade ago

    It does suck. I have been there. Be glad you don't have 6 sisters and two brothers to deal with. Go to to vent your frustrations. It helps.

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