I have parents 90 yrs old who want to stay in their home.?

My parents do not want to go to assisted living or to live with me. They want to stay home. He has beginning alsheimers and she is partially blind with diabetes. They live 3k miles away. What resources do I have to get them help during the day. They have meals on wheels, a nurse once a week for a few hours, daily vital signs taken and sent to the hospital, and some family close by. What about home nurse for the day?what would the cost be? who can I contact?

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    I think you should contact their doctor or social services for a nurse. Insurance may cover part or the whole cost of the nurse. My grandfather had a nurse during the day and it was covered for a few hours a day. My grandmother worked so she paid her extra to stay a few hours longer.

    I understand them wanting to stay independant but unfortuantley as our parents get older it just isnt safe and we have to make decisions for them. I will say my grandmother lives in a retirement community, you have to be 55 or older to live there. I felt awful when my family decided to have her move there instead of one of her children. It has been the best thing for her, she has made so many friends, everyone looks out for each other and help one andother when they need it. You and if you have siblings should look into it. You have to look into your options now, they or one of them wont be able to live on thier own forever and they will need full time care soon from what you describe. I'm sorry, it has to be tough but taking away their independance will be hard but something will need to be doen in the near future.

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    they would have the option to hire an at home nurse aide. costs depend on your area. around PA its usually 10-12 per hour which gets pretty expensive if 24hr care is needed. you would kinda have to spend a few days with them to see what level of care is needed and also if you can get away with just having someone there maybe in the morning and coming back in the eve until bed time or something? you can contact your local aging services for info. also i would keep in mind to hire someone with experience of course but make sure they are willing to do like range of motion exercises, thinking activities etc to be certain your parents have a better chance of maintaining their level of ability.

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