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When you have a thing for a girl is good to talk to her friends?

I think this process is slick but can be good at the same time. Slick as in not going up to the girl you like face to face instead of beating aroound the friends of hers to get to her.

Really though is it good to do this when you have the likings for a girl in particular. I mean would that girl admire the prolonged chase after her by through her friends?

I want to know so bad. This is my senior year & I want to progress, not continue to be shy like all my life with em' ALL throughout school you know!

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    i personally don't like it when guys go to my friends to find out if i like them or not..

    i find that the best way is if you go up to her as a confident but not cocky guy, and ask her to go to a movie or something,

    asking friends and such shows that you are shy and insecure about yourself

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