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please really worried :(?

so i just got a boyfriend this summer...and so far things have been really great. we connected really quickly and well. But now that schools starting the day after tomorrow, im really paranoid that hes gonna like another girl..since i go to a HUGE school and theres alot of girls...cute girls. I mean he says he reallyyyy likes me, but how can i be sure he wont dump me for some other girl?

I really hate worrying like this and if only i was more confident maybe i wouldnt have these issues.

anyways,now guys i gotta question for u..if u really liked a girl, would u wanna go into your junior school year with a girlfriend..or would u not wanna in case there was a better girl?

i know i sound ridiculous. .but im totally freaking out.

thanks peeps:)

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    I can answer this as a girl and be thinking about guys, haha:

    If I had a boyfriend, I would think that he was the best. There is no "better guy out there" because I am solely concentrating on him. It sounds like you're worried that he's going to leave you once a better offer comes along? You should trust him. Sure, there are plenty of other opportunities at school, but those opportunities are there anywhere else, too - and lookie there, he's picked and is still with YOU! :)

    You are what he wants right now. He won't pay attention to the other girls because you are the best one out there for him. Trust your boyfriend and tell him what you're worrying over - he'll just reassure you that you're the only one he wants.

    Good luck! If your boyfriend truly cares about you - which I'm guessing he does - then he won't do the skedaddle to another girl. He'll realize how truly lucky he is to have you. :)

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    You can't be sure. Plain and simple. -BUT- You are being paranoid. If this guy really is a good guy, and you really like him and he really likes you, there has to be trust. If not, that's the issue that's going to cause a breakup, not other girls.

    -IF- and there is a big emphasis on that if. If he does start chasing after other girls, break it off. Like you said. It's a big school. Show him up and get a hotter guy. That'll teach him. ;)

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    dude if he likes you that much then he will stay with you and still want the relationship while at school, and if he doesnt then hes not worth your time

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