what's advanced placement really is? is it better than honors courses? what is advanced placement test?

I'm a freshman at high school right now, I have two best choices of math classes that I can take, one is AP Statistics, the other one is Mathmatical Analysis Honors. Which one should I take? My dream is to get into University of Pennsylvania Business School

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    it's a good thing you're not going to school for english.

    "what's advanced placement really is?"

    lol. i'm kidding :)

    but i think if you're wanting to go to school to learn business, AP statistics would be your best bet.

    however, if there is a nearby community college, you can always enroll in one of their mathematical analysis honors classes.

    but it would also be a good idea to talk to your school guidance counselor and ask him/her what would be the best class for your future plan.

    good luck!


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    honestly the more you take the better always i am a sophomore in high school so i understand your worried and stuff to i just when through being a freshman. The way it works is that AP classes will add .50 to your end grade they are college level courses. So if you got an A i the class you would have a 4.50 in the class at semester it works the same for if you got a B you will end with a 3.50 so it is worth taking if you are positive you will get an A. Where as honors classes only add .25 to your end grade so if you can only take one and your up to it take the AP Statistics. Honors and AP classes are the only way you can get above 4.0 GPAs if you pass all of them with As. You might be able to take the other class with byu which is sorta like summer school except you can take it whenever you want its shorter then normal classes and it offers honors and i think AP classes where as summer school does not. Hope i was helpful

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    Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are programs offered by your school to prepare you for the AP test in that subject. (In your case, statistics which will be on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.)

    The school my not require you to take this test, but if you don't you will not earn college credit for it. To earn college credit, you must earn at least a 3 out of a possible 5 on the exam. (Research it though, some colleges require a score of 4 or 5, or they my not accept it at all at more prestigious colleges)

    An honors class is also a more advanced class, but does not offer the possibility of college credit.

    Both classes will be difficult, but both will look good on your transcript, especially as a freshmen, just be willing to put in the extra effort at the end of the year if you take the AP class.

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    The AP, as long as you're good at math, it will be a ridiculously challenging course. I've never heard of someone taking APs as a freshman. AP classes are nationally certified by the College Board. They're college level courses that you often end up getting credit for, based on a nation-wide test taken in the spring (these tests are hell, fyi, they all happen in the same two weeks.) Honors courses are just your school's levels. So AP > honors.

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    AP courses are college level courses in high school. They usually require a little more work but if you pass the AP test(with a high enough score) at the end of the year then you won't have to take that class in college. You should find out what the AP stats teacher's passing rate is on the test to see if he/she has a high passing rate. AP's are worth it in the long run if you pass the test! Good luck!

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