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help!how should I wear my hair and makeup ?

how should i wear my hair and makeup for school ? I have a little bit longer than shoulder length a brunette.. i have sidebangs.. but there kind of short.. I have naturally rosy cheeks.. a normal nose.. i get complements on my eyes a lot.. there green/hazel.. I have long eyelashes.. and im kinda pale but i have olive colored skin.. like.. um.. selena gomez kinda... what makeup and hair style do you think will look good on me ?


thanks : ) I am a freshman also.. so yeah lol.. and the girl in the picture kinda looks like me but my hair is a lighter brown.. and my face is more of like.. rounder a little bit. and im more pale lol.. but thank you guys so much for your help I am going to try them out : )

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    be creative, what if you french twisted your bangs back and pinned them with pretty bobby pins like these:

    or you could leave the bangs down and section off the hair in front of your ear and add a cute headband behing your ear so you have peices in front like this:

    i also think the girl with the headband might look like you from your descriptionn.

    as for the makeup this is what i would wear:

    avon concealer

    bobbi brown bronzer

    avon waterproof mascara

    chocolate brown eyeliner (but only do the top, not the bottom because that looks overpowering with eyeshadow)

    then get 3 shades of brown eyeshadow: the lightest apply all over the lid, the second lightest apply on the outer half of the lid, and the darkest apply a thin line in the crease of the lid.

    also, you may want to pick up a white shadow to highlight underneath your brows!

    and then some clear mascara to apply to the brows so they hold shape

    then, get a plum-brown lipstick ( dont get scared, lipstick is your friend) and apply WITH YOUR FINGER, not with a brush or directly lipstick to lip, take some of the lipstick on your finger and smear it on your lip. my favorite plum lipstick is flirt! in "cheer" color, you can get it at kohl's.

    Source(s): thats my everyday makeup, and im going to be a sophomore in highschool. if i were you id get the eyeshadows from MAC or
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    i don't want to sound like an advertisment or anything;

    but MichellePhan's Youtube channel has a great tutorials on makeup , beauty health, and hair. I bet you will find something you like there @_@

    but heres something real cute by her, for your hair:

    Youtube thumbnail


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