Is there a virus on my macbook?

So, this has happened twice in two days. I am on Safari when I go to yahoo or something and a pop up comes saying the website is unsafe. it's yahoo so I know it's not, but then it directs me to my hard drive and it says there are 17 trojan horses on one of my hard drives and 5 on another and so on. But I noticed that when this popped up it wasn't really a window of my hard drive because it was all still under Safari. I'm kinda freaking out because I thought it was hard for Mac's to catch viruses. Any suggestions? It wants me to download something (so I think it's spyware or something) and then everything kinda freezes so I restart my computer and everything seems fine again.

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    It is just a pop up from a website trying to trick you into purchasing their software.

    Your mac does not have a virus and it is not directing you to your hard drive. It is just a fake scanner thing.

    There are not even any Trojans in the wild for OSX 10.5+ let alone 17 of them lol.

    P.S. Guy below me knows not what he is talking about. It is not easy for them to get a virus. Reason being is that OSX uses Unix permissions. You have to intentionally enter your security code to allow ANY program access to the Kernel. The only viruses for Mac were software level only, not Kernel level. The software level ones just required removing the infected program (drag it to your recycle bin). They only cause erractic behavior in the infected software, and did not spread.

    The reason there are few viruses has nothing to do with it not being a dominant OS. It has to do with the type of security the OS uses.

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    It's actually not "hard" for a Mac to catch a virus. In many ways, it's actually easier to get a virus than on a PC since most Mac users don't even bother with antivirus despite Apple recommending Mac users install antivirus. The only difference is that most viruses target Windows since it's the dominant OS.

    Anyway, if you frequently get this popup, then it's likely your Mac is infected. If you don't see it anymore, it probably was just some kind of ad popups from a website you were visiting prior to visiting Yahoo.

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    Wow, a virus on a Mac? Download iAntivirus. It's free from PC Tools.

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