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Guys: What do you think when you see a girl eating?

This might sound weird, but I'm really scared to eat in front of guys, even if they're my friends. I'm not fat or anything, but I just feel uncomfortable.

What do you think when you see a girl eat? What about when you see a girl not eat (like at lunch when everyone else is eating)?

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    I'm EXACTLY the same way. I HATE when people watch me eat!


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    Haha I know what you mean, I get like that too sometimes. I think as long as you have manners (and use them) they won't really think anything about it.

    To the person who said 'As long as you're not eating like a dog or something...', I read that and I immediately pictured a girl chomping down on a chiuaua; it made me laugh a lot(:

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    i say "share some of that food you got there" and if she doesn't eat i say " want some" when i got food, she says no I offer her with my other arm, usually works when i offer with the other if the other doesnt work, there like "aah, (shaking a finger), okay"

    i dont think there fat/anericix(SP) if they eat or dont, it doesnt hit me like that, probably cause im hungry in lunch so they i think everyone else would be too.

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    Haha, I used to feel that way too.

    But honestly, they dont really notice. Like everyone does it, thats how you stay alive lol. As long as youre not being really gross about it (like chewing with your mouth open) then its not like its a big deal. Its just eating.

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    I only notice when someone is not eating and my mind instantly goes to eating disorder. Eating is normal, so when someone is not eating when they are supposed to it raises alarms in my head.

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    I don't like it either!

    I feel like a pig..I'm not fat though

    its just me..but its whatever lol..a girl has to eat I guess

  • boys rather girls to eat and eat healthy than not eat and look starved.

    how do you feel when a boy eats infront of you? being a boy YEARS AGO i didnt even notice!

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    most guys dont bother much, unless she's like eating so noisily and messily.

    the only guy who would bother is teh one who likes u.. =) so loosen up.

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    you actually think they care?

    as long as you aren't eating like a dog or something (with your face in your plate, lol) they won't notice...

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    she's probably hungry.

    lol but seriously, I know what you mean. I'm uncomfortable too, but guys really don't observe you that cloesly. (unless you're chomping away with your mouth open - then I don't know what to tell you.)

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