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16 year old son has started to become irritated and agitated and just plain moody?

My son started school last Monday and he has started to become very irritated and agitated and just plain moody. He has been getting maybe 30mins of sleep a night if that. Nothing works to help him sleep melatonin lunesta nothing seems to help it. And when he comes home he goes straight to his room and more or less locks himself in there away from the entire family. I am not sure what to do my son and I have a very very close bond and he has always told me everything. But now he has shut himself down to me and everything. I am at a lose with him.He has not had that much homework so far it is just some Syllabuses that i have had to sign and some worksheets. And he is a junior in high school. He is on the track and swim team. And he does have a girlfriend has had the same one since he was 12. I am not sure if my son is sexually active or not to tell you the truth. But for some reason it would not surprise me. And i highly doubt drugs are involved because my son went to Alaska over the summer for vacation. And he chose to come back early because his cousins were doing pot and meth. Advice?

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    Get him to a doctor for a complete physical and bloodwork. Then talk to the doctor about referring him to a therapist.

    I have a 17 year old son. What your son is doing and not doing is a huge red flag for depression.

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    I think something might have happened with that girlfriend. Honestly, it sounds like something is really bothering him! Try to talk to him

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    Talk to him, ask if he has problems at school or with his girlfriend. He is in his puberty, so moodyness is to a certain extend normal.

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    Sounds like he might be depressed.

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