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On a flight, can't you just sneak into first/business class?

I mean...when you go in the flight attendants don't check your ticket..

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    On most flights first class is completely full, with frequent flyer upgrades.

    You may sneak in, but you're gonna march right out. And guess what.. out may be off the plane. Because when you don't sit in your assigned seat they may give it away. So you may just stay behind.

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    The first class section is usally a very small section, and there maybe 1 flight attendant for every 10 passengers there at most. You would be noticed as soon as you sneak in.

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    Part of airline policy is to know the names of their first class passengers to improve customer service. The flight attendant in the first class cabin will receive a list of the people in first class from the gate agent, and will know if you are supposed to be there.

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    The crew has a manifest they check before take off. If an empty seat is occupied they're going to investigate.

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