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I don't care about anything anymore but not depressed?Help please?

Lately ive been just not caring about anything, like i dont care about ANYTHING, My looks would always 1st priority to me no i dont even care what i look like or what people think of me. Ive recently been drinking but it was only twice these pass 2 weeks. im 14 female, 5'4. 95 pounds. i dont know how that hapls but im just saying. but anyways yeah ive been tired, not caring about how i look or about what people think of me and its the same with school too i just dont care. i know im not depressed. soo whats the matter with me?? please help me.

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    It's called being a teenager.

    You'll get over it.

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    Hi, to tell you the truth I cant answer your question flat out. But ive been having the same problem. I gave up on so much, always didnt care. would get in so much trouble with my parents because of this. Stopped hanging out with my friends and stopped talking in general. Nothing seemed to have a point to me and at one point I considered depression because of my insomnia at nights and then later on i would sleep all day, 18-20 hours at a time and would only wake up for a meal or 2 every few days. Also, at one point I considered suicide because I just didnt know what was happening to me. Once a former A student, 15 years old, always considered lucky because of my looks and height, and weight. My friends noticed my behavior changes and were always supportive though i never told them anything, never knew anything myself. I made up my own term for what Ive been going through: Comatose (i know its already a word). Its just my definition of not caring, of just wanting to do nothing and i always felt empty. I just want to say that if your condition is anything like mine, try to make an effort even if you dont care. Talk to some people and dress up once in a while for no reason but to just look nice. It may help, it may not. But at least its a start. But if not then try keeping a journal to vent. That helped me alot as well. Hope everything works out, Mandy =)

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    Not caring about anything is actually one of the symptoms of depression. It is probably a mild depression. It could be caused by fatigue, boredom, disillusionment or PMS. Not caring what other people think can actually be a good thing as long as you don't totally neglect your hygiene. Too many people stress out over what everyone else thinks while the other people are too busy worrying about what everyone thinks of them to be concerned about you. A little bit of drinking can lead to a lot of drinking, so I advise you avoid that altogether.

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    well good thing you dont care what you look like or what people think of you cause it doesnt matter. you are you and you know yourself best. your pretty young but everyone has their own problems, yeah? you should care about school though especially if you wanna do something as you get older and wanna be successful. you're probably just moody cause I feel like that sometimes. just live your life and it will get better.


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    It's called apathy and it does happen to everyone at some point. It's an unfortunate part of being a teen. It's also part of the reason why some turn to drugs and alcohol...

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    im a 15yo male. i have been that too lately. i have been just doing things i love/like and not caring about anything else. my first priority was my looks also. i thought i was depressed but i think we are just letting thins go, because looks aint imporant. we just want to do thing we like to mkae our lives feel better

    gl in Highschool havefun

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