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how to remove Antivirus system pro from your computer?

my brother was on a porn website and the stuff just popped up and said that our computer was infected.(it is a compaq 2002 model. lol. and we have had problems with it alot a while back) so crazi him clicked scan.(we already have NOrton. the entire package) and that's how the aggravating stuff has been popping up everytime. the worst part is internet explorer keeps opening WITHOUT been clicked... to a porn website. so you really have to help me. i have tried to just remove it through add/remove but it isnt there and i have tried 2 restart the computer but the same stuff is happening. any advice? =[

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    deleting antivirus system pro from add/remove programs is not enough. this program is a computer infection so you need to run anti-spyware scan to delete it properly. if your security tools won't help you, delete anti virus system pro manually:

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    That malware can prevent you from running normal security programs, even regedit. It can even stop you from booting into safe mode.

    Here is how I fixed a friend's computer:

    1) Boot up normally. Disconnect from the internet if hard-wired.

    2) As soon as you get to the desktop - QUICK - right click on the task bar and open task manager. If you're lucky, you'll get in before the malware runs (It puts an entry into HKLM\Software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run , so it will start up automatically).

    3) look for a process called xxxxxsysguard.exe or something similar. Select it, right click, and End Process.

    4) If you were successful, the malware is now inert. Open your Norton, and run a FULL scan on the system. It will take a while, and will purge all copies of the virus (there will likely be many) on your system, and clean it off your registry.

    4) Wait for the scan to complete. Then boot again.

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    It sounds like there's a Trojan besides as that faux antivirus. The Trojan could be reinstalling it, or possibly you're actually not deleting each and every of the information that belong to Antivirus device professional. If I have been you, i might pass to this internet site and get their help. i pass there each and every time i'm getting contaminated with some thing and every time they help me restoration my pc. that's what i might do besides. superb of success to you!

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    Ive been through this so many times! don't worry. download this program called malwarebytes. here is the link.

    i suggest you run the scan from this program in safe mode. hope this helps!

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    1) download maleware byte

    2) reboot computer into safemode(F5)

    3) turn off system restore

    4) run maleware byte and then norton

    5) reboot computer regulary

    6) turn sytem restore back on

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