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How to convince a child of how important it is to clean ear piercings?

My niece has is 9 and recently had her ears pierced. She is staying with us at the moment, and has NOT been taking care of her ears. Her mom showed her the wrong way to do it, by simply holding a napkin soaked in the ear cleaning fluid against her ear for a moment and then twisting the earring. When we went to change her earrings for the first time, she had gooey stuff caked around between the stone and her ear. After using a Q-tip dipped in cleaning fluid to clear it out, we discovered that she had a bump right beside the hole in the back of one of her ears. It was bleeding and oozing pus. I went to the living room to tell my dad what happened, by the time I got back to the bathroom the back of her ear was covered in blood. We cleaned it up and it pretty much stopped bleeding. She's okay now, and we finished cleaning her ears after deciding to leave her earrings in for another week or two. Problem is, how can we convince her (without using scare tactics) of how important it is to clean her ears?

Any articles on ear piercings, or anything similar, would be appreciated.

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    Well if a pus-filled oozing sore that started bleeding isn't enough, I don't know what else you can say to the kid.

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    i'm the right same as you. my mom and dad won't enable me the two. Heres some tips: a million. It prevents keloid formation that's disgusting. could make a take care of them e.g. in the event that they permit you, you will do your terrific in college. 3. in case you have a lot of jewelry, you ought to use hem all. 4.Ask them to show you how to on your birthday or christmas. 5. Promise o sparkling them commonplace. 6. tell them you comprehend their selection. 7. do not sneak out and get it carried out in the event that they don't understand. 8. look at it from their standpoint. 9. evaluate it to a tongue piercing. 10. don't get your ears pierced from an analogous place. 11. do not say you like it because of the fact all people has it. 12. tell them it is going to if it does not look good you will get rid of the jewelry and anticipate the piercing to close over. 14. don't get mad with them. 15. Ask in a well mannered way. sixteen. sustain for it, don' cause them to pay. 17. teach them a catalogue of good piercing places with good Hygiene. 18. do not stomp off, then they are going to think of you at the instant are not mature or severe adequate for yet another one. 19. do not say 'you do not understand me'. 20. If none of those artwork wait until eventually you're older. wish this permits. good success.

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