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All Girls please answer..?

Ok so i was reading in a magizen that to have to much nipple hair is bad that its a sign of. I dont know what i forgot but that your supose to have a little bit of hairs i have alot of hair is that normal?

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    A lot of hair, as in...?

    Wow, I never knew that you should have hairs there. I have like 12 per nipple and I thought I was really gross or something. I feel SO much better now!!! THANK YOU.

    But anyway, I would guess that if someone was just, you know, looking and would think "hair." then that's too many. they shouldn't really be visible. If they are, then that might mean you have a hormone problem. Another sign would be if you have facial hair, a deep voice, developing a bit of an adam's apple, and (of course) not getting your period before or at the age of 16.

    If you have more than, I'd say (and I'm NO expert), 2 of the above, then you might talk to your mom about it.

    However, some girls are just hairier than others. They can still be gorgeous -- I wouldn't be embarrassed unless it's like REALLY hairy. Like significantly so. As in 30+ hairs.

    However, I really don't know what I'm talking about (much) :P these are all just (educated!!!) guesses.

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  • Anonymous
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    Getting a lot of nipple hair (which is probably caused by the same hormone as chest hair) would mean you have more of the male hormone in your body (testosterone)...I guess it's a bad thing cuz nipple hair ain't good lol

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    no its not

    ur hormones

    are discontrolled

    sorry :(

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