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Do braces really hurt when getting them on?

i wanted to get braces so i was wondering if they hurt when the dentist is putting it on you but how will it feel like in the next few minutes? what are some good pain killers? at least what age you have to be?

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    you will feel slight pain in your back molars because they have to put a caps into your gums to hold the wires. Putting the brackets on is a piece of cake. i suggest for the pain tylenol (ask your parents first) and the brackets will cut the insides of your mouth (normal normal) --go to wal-mart or a drug store, they have whats called bracket gum. Safe for brakcets, it will protects the inside of your mouth from the cuts & irritablity. I do not suggest painkillers and i got mine on when I was 12. The orthodontist will re-assure you if you are up to age, some people get braces in their adult years. For example, I had to get 3 wisdom teeth out because if i had left them in, they would come in impacted and ruin the braces. So talk to your orthodontist :-D

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    According to all of my friends that have gotten braces, yes, they will eventually hurt around the 3rd day of having them on. You can't really escape from feeling the pain because it's all natural since your teeth are trying to get accustomed to the force being applied to them by the brackets. I don't think that braces will just suddenly shoot pain through your mouth when your orthodontist is applying them because he won't have tightened the brackets all the way. They'll most likely get sore AFTER the procedure. Some good painkillers are Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, etc. Don't worry if your mouth feels sore after each tightening. It's all part of the procedure in getting a perfect smile :)!!

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    When i was first getting braces which was when i was 10, the braces didnt hurt much when the dentist dude was putting them on but then when days go by your mouth starts to hurt and your teeths ache.

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