Dose anyone take the Andrew Lessman vitamins?

The ones for hair, skin, and nails? Have they helped you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've researched this product and have chosen not to take it. The vitamins and minerals used in this product are synthetic isolates. The are not natural. Some, such as B vitamins are petrochemical derived. It is also not encapsulated in 100% pure vegetable capsules (Vcaps) but in gelatin capsules that use toxic preservatives and are animal-source, which can carry serious diseases. I wish I had found out better things seeing as he is even on HSN promoting it. Hope this helps. Best of health to you!

  • klink
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    4 years ago

    there is not something you could persist with on your hair, not something you could consume or drink, no pill to take, that makes your hair improve speedier. consume healthful. people who're bulimic, anorexic, or in basic terms consume junk discover their hair grows greater slowly and could be in poorer concern because of the fact of their nutritional conduct. split ends are the enemy of growth. people who declare their hair doesn’t improve often have maximum of split ends their hair is breaking off at with reference to an analogous cost it’s starting to be. Get a trim as quickly as each and every 2 or 3 months. tell the stylist you’re starting to be it out and want not something better than the ends evened out and broken ends bumped off. do not colour, tint, perm, straighten, or bleach your hair. it extremely is extensive, provided that even the gentlest products dry the hair shaft, making it greater services to splitting. Take it ordinary on tangles--no yanking. provided that shampoo is drying, shampoo basically once you should. Use as little shampoo as achievable, and persist with it basically the place the hair’s grimy, often the scalp area. Lean forward to rinse in case your hair’s shoulder length or longer, so the ends get no shampoo on them. Shampoo in the present day after swimming in a chlorinated pool. concern your hair whenever you shampoo. Use a product which promises moisture renewal or hair wellness. as quickly as each and every week use extra conditioning products which you circulate away in for quite a couple of minutes, then rinse out. (Tip: persist with none to the scalp area and the products won't flatten your hair.) you could anticipate a million/2 inch of growth in line with month, probably greater.

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