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How would you feel if your kid went missing?

How would you feel if your kid went missing, was abducted or got lost?


Sorry Cocoa, I can't imagine, I am glad you found him!

Update 2:

@ Cocoa: Bring him, he has me convinced at least :)

@ Bandi & Mommy to 4: this isn't meant to be "sick" or "abnormal". It has happened.

@latj: It's very sad indeed...

Thanks Scooter & Mommy 2 B.

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    Ok Sora...I have a story for you. Just yesterday, my son (4) was outside playing in the front. When I could no longer hear him, I walked out to check on him, usually, i will call out his name, and he answers. This time, silence. I ran to the back, to the side. No sign of him. A kid in the neighborhood told me he saw my son and another little girl (his little friend) take a walk with two adults. Ok, Sora- my heart sank. I could not breathe. I was sick. I got in my car- I was screaming at my mother (who was around and let him go outside) she called the police- she was crying. I was in hysterics- I just stopped on the side of the road and began to call out to my Father (God), that's all I could do. I just knew someone had my baby. (where I live children disappear all the time and get raped and murdered) The people in my neighborhood started looking all around (mothers and children) and one of the mother's found him, in someone's house. I was so mad, yet so happy at the same time. I never felt so scared in my life. All I could do was thank God for once again having me, and kiss on my son. He was in soooo much trouble (for some reason, the kid thinks he can just walk off)...I was going to take him to see G-force- that changed as his punishment.

    By the time my brothers arrived (mom called them) he was found. But, my brothers who live 20 minutes away, were there in less than 10. I mean, they ripped me up. told me off. I did not bother to call his dad- who also would have told me off.

    I will never lose sight of him again. ever.

    add: he told me tonight "mommy can i tell you a secret?"..."i'm sorry I disappeared like that." I said 'it's ok, just dont ever walk off again." then he says "since i said sorry-can we go see G-force now?" lol.

    add: ok, Sora- i'll take him this week- he has you to thank :)

    everyone else is saying "spank that butt"

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    I watch Nancy Grace and only because I see how she really does care about these kids who come up missing. I really got wrapped up in the Casey Anthony case because I have a granddaughter about the same age and there are some things that go on in her life that are not right so I try my hardest to be there every step of the way. It is a shame that instead reaching out for help that these Mothers, Fathers, Step Parents, whomever would rather kill or main these children. They are innocent children who do not know how to fight back. It makes me sick to my stomach and makes me wonder what this world has come to. It's very, very sad.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

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    VERY inappropriate question. This is a section of pregnant women. Some are very emotional. I am sorry but I think this is a sick question.


    Cocoa..It isn't only your child that needs punished. Who let's their kid go outside and play alone at 4?? You were lucky this time. The little girl that was just found 18 years later, was abducted in front of her home as walked to the bus stop as her step father watched her. Before he could do anything she was gone. All it takes in one instant for something terrible to happen.Your son is 4 years old!! He isn't the one that needs a butt spanking!

  • Unless you were Casey Anthony or Susan Smith how would anyone feel?

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  • I would feel sick, frustrated and worried.

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    Who asks this kind of thing? Not normal

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    i would feel like a horrible mother and like it was my fault.

  • ill probably go crazy!

  • I would be devastated. :(

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