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Reviews for indoor (turf) dog bathrooms/litter boxes?


I have an 8 month old puppy that is trained to go to the bathroom outside on the grass. We live in a high raise apartment with no yard, unfortuantly. I don't like taking him out alone at night because we live in a pretty dangerous area. I want to get him one of those indoor dog potties, the ones that use turf. However, I'm not sure what kind to get. Can anyone recommend a brand for a 13lb dog? They are kind of expensive so I want to make sure I'm not buying a really crappy (no pun intended!) one. I'll only have him use it when he has to go at night, so I'll still be taking him outside most of the time, but still.



I don't need any negative comments. If it's between my safety and my dog going to the bathroom in the house, then we're just going to have to deal with him going in the house when it's dark out and I don't feel comfortable outside. He'll still go outside for his 3 hour walk a day and I'll still take him outside when it's light out, but for the rare times when he has to go during the night I'd like to have him litter box trained as well :)

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    I am going to star your question..

    Just because I have been wondering this also.

    My dogs are puppy pad trained. However a turf pad would be much cheaper. Dog litter can get expensive.

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    I would never teach a dog to potty in my house.

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