Whats a good way to drive traffic to my online store?

Looking for a good cheep and effective way to advertise on the web...

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    Good ways to drive traffic are;

    - Social bookmarking (e.g. jumptags)

    - Write articles (post them on e.g. Ezines)

    - Create a 'lens' on Squidoo

    - Start a Blog and write about your products


    All these things combined will create a web of incoming links that are relevant to your site which will eventually increase your page rank and visibility online.

    It ensures the people that visit your site are indeed interested in your products. Don't go for lots of traffic that will click away immediately.

    Good luck and happy SEO!

    Source(s): I am an SEO specialist http://www.trafficact.com.au/
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    If you want to rank high in the free search engine listings you have to some special techniques for SEO and this will drive free traffic.

    SEO is not a dirty word and anyone can do it you just have to know where to start. Some believe that you can build a website and they will come, I wish it was that easy. Anyways!

    To start in the proper order you first need to find keywords related to your niche and find which ones have low competition but good traffic. You can use googles keyword tool and look for keyword phrases that have over 1000 searches a day and under 10000 competing pages. After finding these keywords you can do searches based on them and look at your competition and try to understand how they are ranking there by looking at their backlinks, pagerank etc.

    Now using your keywords you found you can optimize your site around them and build web 2.0 sites, and write articles, and do link building using those keywords.

    After some hard work you will start to rank higher and higher for these keywords. If the keywords have really low competition you can rank on googles first page really fast. Sometimes in a week or less. The main thing is you have to work hard to do this, but the good news is , it does work and it works exceptionally well.

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    on the major search engines is the best way to drive traffic thats where thousands of paying customers go every day.

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    1 decade ago

    You have to make sure you get alot of incoming links. This will get you traffic and ranking, all in one. Follow the 6 steps from the article below to increase your traffic and links!

    Source(s): 6 steps to more links and traffic -> http://www.icantinternet.org/2009/06/6-steps-to-mo...
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    Good ways to drive traffic you can view the links below i hope it answers your question.

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    1 decade ago

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    Go to Freewebsitetraffic.tv they get your site 5,000 visitors a week and front page of the major search engines in 24 hours.

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    7 years ago

    Here are genius ideas to get people onto your online store:


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    5 years ago

    Offer free sex with every purchase!

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    1 decade ago

    write post in the forum, and do social bookmarking backlinks

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