What are the symptoms of lupus?

My cousin is wondering about lupus (Because Mercedes from America's Next Top Model had it) and she wanted me to ask people what exactly it is and what the symptoms are. She doesn't trust Wikipedia and I don't either. Plus, the web sites usually talk in medical language. So she would like to know (In normal talk)... what is lupus and what are the symptoms?

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    There are different types of Lupus and each person is going to have different symptoms. My symptoms when I have a flare is like having the flu. I am achy, low grade fever. My joints are swollen and I am so tired I can not get out of bed. I have migraines quite a bit.

    Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. Meaning your immune system is attacking your own body. Joints, cells, skin and organs. You will have flares (the symptoms get worse, you feel very ill) then it goes into a remission (the symptoms appear to go away and you feel a lot better). Lupus is not contagious, it does not go away. There is no cure for Lupus however it is not near as life threatening as it once was. Finding a good rheumatologist is the biggest thing.

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    I have not often heard of vomiting as a symptom of lupus. Fainting that could arise in lupus could in most cases be from anemia or mini-strokes if the individual has antiphospholipid anitbody syndrome or valuable fearful procedure involvement. A individual with those signs would have blood sugar disorders, blood stress disorders, anemia with someone of a style of factors, blockages within the blood vessels going to the pinnacle, epilepsy, and so on. Vomiting would be nearly some thing. The frequency of vomiting could verify the seriousness of this symptom. With each those signs, I could no longer be farting round on yahoo solutions. Go to a medical professional. Death isn't a laugh.

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    Haha, Lupus always reminds me of House.

    House: "It's never Lupus."

    LOL you would understand if you loved the show as I do.

    Anyways, I'm no doctor and I only know of Lupus from my favorite medical show. Here is a site that seems to make it pretty clear to me. It gives syptoms, treatments, everything. Check it out:


    Hope this helps you!

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