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Is there any proof that God exists,?

given that science has proven all the things that bronze age man needed a god for.

Earthquakes, Tsunami etc etc.

Although its funny that some fundementalist preachers still think this is Gods punishment for peoples sexual activity.

So beyond fairytales that can only be believed in SPITE OF the evidence.

Is there any proof.

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    There is not proof.

    ..because it's fiction.

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    Do you realize how very little we know about the universe? And a great deal of our 'knowledge' is actually just a guess based on other 'facts'... No, there is no Scientific proof that God exists, nor will there ever be - perhaps not because he doesn't exist, but because mankind is too ignorant and too proud to acknowledge his existence. Yes, I'm Christian and I believe in God, I consider everything around us proof to his existence, because I refuse to believe that any of this could be an accident, I refuse to believe that those we love were accidents, pure chances that randomly happened in nature. But then again, you could call my viewpoint ignorant as well. :) Perhaps a couple thousand years from now, mankind will look back on us and say how foolish we were for believing in this 'Science', and how ridiculous the idea is.

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    Science is still far from controlling earthquakes, tsunami etc. Till that happens belief in God is not going anywhere.

    Science needs to do more than just explain these phenomena because God is believed to even control these events.

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    Yes, actually there is.

    And all of us can find this proof inside ourselves. But the point is not finding God, but getting to know ourselves and becoming Human in the process.

    We just need a practical scientific method to help us in this self exploration, revelation.

    You do not have to believe a word I am saying, but if you would like to take a chance, the tools are open and free, anyone can try it and succeed here and now. There is no magic, no miracle, it is pure science.

    All the best.

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    (Romans 1:19-20) . . .God is manifest among them, for God made it manifest to them. 20 For his invisible [qualities] are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable. . .

    You having the a we designed body that allows you to type a message AND reason on ideas. that should be proof enough.

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    just look at the whole world, God has shown you his signs and his signs testify his existence....anyhow, i will try to make it more clear why to believe God does exist....

    suppose you see a bicycle and there is no inscription written on who made the bicycle, and i ask from you who made the bicycle? you will definitely say, it is made by some company or a factory won't say it was made by itself and it would be so irrational if you say that....

    just consider your human body, you just don't know how complicated it is more than million and trillion times as complicated as a bicycle.....just look at each system in the body, just look at the each organ in the system, just look at each tissue in the organ,just look at each cell in the tissue, just look at thousands of substances in the cell and their precise concentration in each cell of a particular part of an organ, just look at the different cell organelles, just look how precisely the DNA transcription occurs, just look how precisely the protein synthesis of a thousands of proteins take place and just go on and go on and just keep on exploring the body further; you will find it so complicated that you will never reach the is just an example of your human body...just look how complicated the whole universe will be and all the beings in the universe if only a single human body is so complicated....

    now coming to the previous example about bicycle.... suppose you and i are walking on a road and we see a bicycle on which there is no inscription about who made it, and i ask you who made it? you will say, it definitely is made by some bicycle manufacturing company but you will say that you don't know its name.... you won't say it is made by itself... the whole universe is inifnitely times more complicated than a simple bicycle but it's just illogical that when an athiest is asked, who made the simple bicycle, he always names a company or says some manufacturer will have made it but when he is asked who made this immensely complicated universe, he says it came into existence by itself......

    i hope you got my point.....

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    The way that can be spoken of is not the true way. The name that can be named is not the true name.

    As the origin of the heavens and the earth it is nameless, but as the mother of all things it is nameable.

    While it is hidden, we should look at its inner being, but while it always manifests, we should look at its outer aspects.

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    Late at night look under your bed. Satan is there, if you're quick, you look outside on your roof and you will find God. He wears a cape, and carries a lasso. They do their superhero stunts while you sleep. Like on Toy Story!

  • Anonymous
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    The preachers that you refer to have apparently not studied Scripture correctly...there is no place in the Bible that states what you are "reporting"

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    God's proof is provided through the spirit. Yes. Unfortunately some choose to look for reasons not to believe and do not receive his truth,

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    Remember: There is ABSOLUTELY NO credible, tangible, verifiable, irrefutable, or concrete evidence which would even BEGIN to support the existence of a supernatural entity (a 'god' in other words).

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