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I can't put contacts in for the first time.?

I got contacts from my eye doctor and at the office they let me try to put them in but i took to long so they sent me home to keep trying. I have tried everyday for the past week and i am still unable to put them in. I can pull my eyelids back and open my eye but when i go to put my contacts in my lids pull out from under my fingers holding them back and hit the contact. I don't fully blink but i can't hold my eye open big enough to fit in the contact

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    Many people have trouble putting contacts in just keep trying. you will get it. it is like swallowing a pill you have to pretend it is nothing and do it.

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    I've heard that some people just can't, but that shouldn't get you down. Try practicing holding your eye open really wide and just touching it with your clean finger. Once that is comfortable, putting the contact lens should be easier. If you feel like it's in just look down slowly and blink slowly so it stays in.

    I hope this helps, don't give up!

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    Man.. I remember putting on contacts for the first time, I almost gave up. I literally said, "Screw it." But one day, I found a tip from a cousin, he told me to look at the corner and then put it in because it won't be as sensitive. If you do it directly, it will hurt and sting like hell. Good luck!

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