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business law in colorado, usa?

i work in restaurant and tip or money service is my main salary

my problem is :

a lot of customers come to eat at my restaurant but they left with NO TIPS, NOTHING on the tables.

they come a lot and left us without TIPS all the time.

how can i live if i go home with $40 OR $50 PER DAY/ 13 HOURS WORKING ( 8h30 AM TO 9h30 PM) ?

somebody told me that i CAN CHARGE 15% FOR TIP INTO THEIR BILL when they pay, because that is the law in colorado.

is that right for Colorado?

if i can charge them, what are the conditions do i have to have?

if that is the law in colorado, what is the book that law from? what chapter? issued what year?

thanks for your time


but i just get $20 per day

Update 2:

just $1.50 per/ hour

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    No, you can't legally include a gratuity on the bill, in any state. Otherwise, it's not a gratuity, it's a service charge.

    Now, if you are making $4.26 and hour, and your tips don't take you to minimum wage of $7.28 an hour, then your employer has to make up the difference.

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